We’re a Polish-German company, a sister company in Prym Fashion Group, which is part of the global organization William Prym Holding. We’ve been representing Prym Fashion Group exclusively on the territory of Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine and Belarus since 1998.

Prym Fashion Group specializes in the production of metal and plastic fastening systems, mainly for the garment industry, in particular:

  • Press fasteners
  • Jeans buttons with riveting tacks
  • Jeans rivets
  • Fashion and technical eyelets
  • Zip fasteners

We’re constantly widening our offer with new complementary products, in particular:

  • Plastic accessories
  • Covering buttons, buckles and press fasteners
  • Collection of decorative caps of press fasteners, buttons and other dress-making accessories

We mainly channel our commercial efforts into textile manufacturers that represent almost all segments of this market.