Waterproof AQUA press fasteners in version S-Spring or Ring-Spring offer liquid impermeability through the connection spot of fastening elements. It’s recommended to use a pneumatic machine with precise regulation of attachment pressure for attested attaching.
Silent Ring-Spring press fasteners are noiseless unlike standard Ring-Spring with metallic click made by spring inside socket.
Ring-Spring press fasteners with higher closing and opening strength are mainly used in leather-making. Their robust appearance is due to the special system of ring-shaped spring and stud.
VARIO GRIP press fastener is a type of Gripfix 16’’’ with round spring used inside the socket instead of lip-shaped spring system. It’s recommended for the food industry and the industrial laundry and ironing process where there is a risk of deforming lip-shaped spring in sockets.
EASY GRIP press fastener is a type of Ring-Spring with special plastic spring inside socket. It ensures the work of press fastener in dirty conditions and it’s gentle to use and completely silent.